Industries Served by Becker Pumps

Becker Pumps are used in the Printing and Paper industry.

Printing and Paper

Keeping the presses rolling with tomorrow’s technology
From pre-press to printing, from paper finishing to special printing equipment, Becker technology will keep your presses rolling. Our customers have access to an unlimited range of features: diverse range of vacuum pumps and compressors, separate units, customer-specific systems or in central pneumatic systems.

Becker vacuum pumps in pre-printing processes
Becker vacuum pumps are used to precisely hold repros during exposure or to clamp down printing plates during laser engraving. They are also used to remove dust throughout the CTP process and they are ideal for gentle handling of printing plates during discharge. Compact, quiet, and with low vibration values, our pumps are the key to maintaining high-definition printing results.

Becker pneumatic systems in printing processes
Processes that combine excellent reliability with low operating costs are no longer a dream – now they are reality! Modern printing processes require high printing speeds and short changeover times. The tried-and-tested VARIAIR System is your ticket to achieving these goals. With this system, the air flow is constantly controlled depending on the current requirements. Thus, there is no longer any need for elaborate and fault-prone valve control systems. It’s easy to operate the system from the printing machine’s control panel. It’s also fully compatible with all commercially available bus interfaces.

We also have many single units for simple or small machines. All of these units are 100% oil-free and require very little maintenance.

Becker pneumatic systems for paper finishing
Once the paper, metal, cardboard or other materials have been printed, this is when the work truly begins: folding, punching, cutting, collating, stapling, laminating and bookbinding. These processes are found everywhere from envelope manufacture to material feeds for printers to automated mail handling to counting banknotes as well as in cardboard punching and bookbinding.

For all of these post-printing machines and related production processes, we offer ideal vacuum pumps and compressors, or even centralized pneumatic systems for perfectly regulated air flows. As with printing, the following requirements have to be met: maximum performance, minimum maintenance, and consistent avoidance of defective products.

Becker vacuum pumps and compressors as peripheral components in printing machines
Aside from the air supply system, there are many other components that play a crucial role in guaranteeing high-quality printing results. It should be no surprise, then, to discover many Becker units perform these roles as well. For instance, Becker products are used to provide a continuous supply of cool blast air for powder coating applications as well as in compact de-centralized single compressor systems for ionizing applications. Many components that we offer are also used in Becker pneumatic supply systems.

Becker Pumps are used in the Electronics industry.


Let’s pick ’n place
During the manufacture of electronic components of any type, absolute precision at highest output are of utmost importance.

  • 100% oil free
  • precise
  • compact
  • low pulsation
  • quiet

These are the advantages of the innovative Becker vacuum pumps as are components in nearly all applications in the backend manufacture of semi conductors. Contrary to the still often used ejectors that are producing underpressure by means of air pressure, direct powered vacuum pumps produce distinctly faster Pick ’n Place cycles. Also, the load due to expensive produced air pressure with oil content that escapes from the ejectors is eliminated. Furthermore, 80% of energy saving is possible.

As an alternative to vacuum pumps on each individual production machine, the central vacuum system offer advantages:

  • constant vacuum level at lowest consumption
  • avoidance of heat and noise pollution in the production area
  • central monitoring and maintenance with minimal effort
  • energy saving

Microchips (ICs)
From the point of chip-bonding, testing and sorting up to component insertion, Becker vacuum pumps are in use. Tuned to the individual clean-room classification, the small vacuum pumps enable the accurate handling of microchips.

Circuit boards
At light exposure the printing as well as drilling, milling and cutting of circuit boards, the frequency regulated side-channel vacuum pumps of the VARIAIR product range ensure a gentle handling of sensitive units.

Packaging of electronic components
Whether packaging of electronic units directly or during the manufacture of tapes for the packing of micro-chips, Becker vacuum pumps produce the necessary vacuum of up to 0.5 mbar abs.

Laser dust suction
The dust and gases generated during laser marking can be suction cleaned from the process area with Becker side channel vacuum pumps and a Fine or HEPA- filter. During the use of electronically infinitely variable units (VARIAIR product group), signals pertinent to the level of dirt in the filter can also be monitored by the control system.

Drying of electronic components
After cleaning or washing procedures, Becker side-channel compressors blow-dry the units by means of an air-knife and Becker vacuum pumps ensure the rest of the humidity in the vacuum chamber is vaporized.

CD/DVD/Blu-ray... manufacture
Oil-free working vacuum pumps from Becker produce the under-pressure required to fix components during the production of sound and data carriers, as well as processes at a later stage (during printing, for example).

Becker Pumps are used in the Woodworking industry.


Benchmarks for the woodworking industry
Becker has supplied vacuum pumps to the woodworking industry for four decades. Today, Becker is number one when it comes to the use of vacuum pumps for clamping, conveying or coating of work pieces.

Dry-running rotary vane vacuum pumps for machining centers
Safety is especially important for clamping of wooden work pieces. With this is mind, Becker’s robust and low-maintenance rotary vane vacuum pumps work great and are very versatile. Above all, short processing times and precise results are a sure sign of safe and gentle clamping of wooden sheets.

Side channel vacuum pumps for handling equipment
Whether conveying wooden sheets to or away from each machine or fully automated material store, the handling of wooden work pieces with Becker’s side channel vacuum pumps guarantees quick transport and gentle treatment of the high-quality and delicate material.

Oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps for coating machines
The coating of wooden worksheets requires a top quality process. Good production results in the coating chamber are achieved by reaching a high ultimate vacuum quickly, even at the shortest cycle times. As a consequence, air inclusions are avoided. Becker’s oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps can be integrated into the coating machines easily. With long maintenance intervals, they guarantee a smooth production flow.

VARIAIR technology in the woodworking industry
Safe and reliable clamping of work pieces is the main requirement for precise handling. To achieve the best possible hold, the exact relation of clamping surface and vacuum as well as leakage is crucial. At any time, products of the VARIAIR range only produce as much vacuum as actually needed at each point in time, keeping energy costs to a minimum. Costly accessories and dust sensitive vacuum relief valves are not necessary. The pumps are fully protected electronically and the power range is improved significantly. Due to integrated frequency inverters, connection to the control unit of the processing machine is possible, and the vacuum pumps can easily be operated directly via the control panel of the machine.

Becker Pumps are used in the Laser industry.


Becker radial and side channel blowers
For more than two decades, the Becker special construction department has been making its mark in the area of laser technology. It provides decisive know-how and innovative components for the development of new systems in laser material processing. Proof of the profitability and quality of the Becker brand are Becker’s laser gas circulation fans. Becker engineers optimize detail by detail with a continuous series of tests and close cooperation with well-known research institutes. This competence is an expression of the perfection Becker strives for. With computer-optimized flow control, Becker now presents laser manufacturers and users with even faster, tailor-made solutions according to defined performance parameters – CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) – as a decisive connection between CAD development and CNC manufacturing. With the completely new application of numerical flow computation, this allows fine optimization of ground-breaking constructions.

Becker recirculating fans for CO2 lasers
The units of the Becker RV 2 and POWERFLOW series are ideally suited for use as recirculating fans for middle- and high-power CO2 lasers. They create volume streams of between 1000 and 6000 m3/h and pressure ratios of 1.4 to 2.0*. Due to their high level of sealing and purity, they are also used as suction fans or recirculating fans for noble gases such as Helium, or for the conveyance of inert gases. Non-contact impellers and high-performance lubricants guarantee a long operational life and low service costs. The true strengths of the Becker program, such as modular design, special designs, extensive accessories, and optimally structured cost-benefit relations provide for profitability. Specific applications can thus be successfully fulfilled in all respects.

* pressure information refers to a gas mixture of 75% helium, 20% nitrogen, and 5% carbon dioxide. Please request special information for other gas mixtures.

Becker laser technology for your high-tech quality requirements
Becker has a broad spectrum of practical applications for innovative laser technology – relevant for laser manufacturers as well as manufacturers of tooling machines. With logical advantages for practical applications – in laser cutting and welding facilities, for example – which effectively optimize the daily production work of the manufacturing manager or employee directly at the facility.

  • oil-free vacuum pumps for the handling of laser cutting and welding facilities with the highest level of process safety – with a high degree of automation in production and fast processing times
  • side channel vacuum pumps with high pressure differential for effective fume and ash suction for laser welding processes
  • low-maintenance, oil-lubricated vacuum pumps U 4.20 – U 4.40 for CO2 lasers, which quickly and safely reach the required final vacuum ≤1 mbar abs. for the evacuation of the beam source

We would be happy to fully advise you with detailed information for your individual application.

From Becker research to production
At Becker, research and development have a secure place for creating perfect results. In the production process, excellent quality is a hallmark of Becker radial compressors. Final assembly takes place under clean room conditions. Before this, all of the compressor parts are subjected to a multi-stage cleaning process. In the acceptance test, the performance data and running smoothness of the compressor are checked and an integral helium leak test is carried out.

Becker Pumps are used in the Mechanical Engineering industry.

Mechanical Engineering

The technology spectrum for vacuum and compressed air
Becker vacuum pumps and compressors fulfill nearly every requirement of the modern industry 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The main focus lies on the conceptual development of the individual application. Becker’s engineers help to design the optimal pneumatic system, using assistive software or monitoring measurements.

We offer solutions for numerous processes in nearly every area of machine and system engineering. Use industrial robot air to convey and transport, clamp and fixate, lift and handle, dry or cool, and much more. Becker’s vacuum pumps and compressors have proven themselves in more than 2000 different applications worldwide.

Continuous further development of the application and product know-how, as well as a wide spectrum of vacuum pumps, compressors and complete pneumatic systems form the basis for the selection of a suitable customized solution. Low operating costs, low energy consumption, low-maintenance operation, compact construction and low noise levels are decisive factors.

Becker’s "intelligent" air generators in the VARIAIR product range offer standardized solutions for automatic adaptation to the control system of the respective production processes. Thus overpressure/underpressure values or flow rates can be kept constant despite altered process requirements. Thanks to a patented, integrated processor that continuously compares and corrects set and actual values, the system does not need additional sensor technology.

Becker’s extensive product range includes numerous single units or complete pneumatic systems.

Becker Pumps are used in the Medical Technology industry.

Medical Technology

Precision systems for the medical industry
In modern medicine, precision, reliability and dependability count, especially when high performance is important and required, day after day. For this reason, more than 2000 clinics worldwide work using Becker vacuum pumps - the reliable pace-setter for central suction units.

The special formula for this growing success

  • proven oil lubricated vacuum pump systems
  • oil-free vacuum units for many areas of clinical and outpatient treatment

Oil-free vacuum pumps for medical technology are a true Becker innovation, which operate with practical, virtually maintenance-free dependability. At over 90%, the share of Becker dry-running systems in America is extremely high, and not without good reason: clinics in America are operated strictly according to the "best value for money."

These proven units fulfill the tough requirements of the US Standard NFPA 99C. In addition, the very high level of Becker quality fulfills the ruling international standards: German DIN 13260, British HTM22 / HTM2022, French NFS90155, etc. The optimal solution is thus also guaranteed for Europe and for large parts of Asia.

Becker vacuum units in medical technology
Coupled with integral rotational speed regulation, central suction systems also make energy and operational cost savings possible. The required flow of suction air is equal to the required volume needed for optimal efficiency: no excess, no wasted energy!

The quiet running, the few "switchings on and off" and the continually controlled operation ensure very smooth running of the plant. Since the output of the vacuum pumps can be designed variably, ballast tank sizes can be smaller, and precious space is saved. Even where space is at a premium, installation is trouble-free.

Becker Pumps are used in the Environmental Technology industry.

Environmental Technology

Precision systems for pure water, clean air and good soil environment
In environmental technology, reliable performance is crucial. However, implementation of future-oriented concepts is even more important. In key applications, innovative Becker technology is being used to ensure a good future for the environment.

Technology for Water Treatment and Aeration
In municipal and industrial water treatment facilities – also including large chemical water treatment plants – Becker side-channel compressors are used to maintain a "clear" relationship. These low-maintenance and long-life units function well under moist operating conditions. By blowing air that is completely oil-free, Becker"s products are highly efficient. We offer perfect environmentally oriented solutions to outfitters and other companies in the water treatment branch, environmental engineers as well as municipal and private water works.

In the field of water aeration, Becker has a range of economical and ecological concepts such as whirlpool aeration, bubble pads, and other attractive ideas for designers, outfitters and operators of private and public swimming pools.

We also specialize in compressor technology for aeration systems in small decentralized water treatment systems such as those used in low population density areas. After evaluating all of the inherent costs, a small water treatment system is often an affordable alternative to installing a sewer line.

Vacuum dewatering with innovative products
The advantages of vacuum drainage over conventional systems such as free-fall and low-pressure drains include improved safety and environmental standards, a larger degree of flexibility together with lower construction, operating and follow-up costs. These are the result of Becker’s special technology for rotary vane vacuum pumps.

Constant volume flow for air analysis equipment Clean air is Becker’s trade, such as their analyzers that are used to monitor dust levels in industrial plants and manufacturing lines; or their range of local and remote computer analysis units that draw in air using vacuum pumps and generate reliable warnings when the air quality becomes poor. Highly reliable throughout a long operating life, these units maintain a constant volume flow even with increasing wear and tear. This is attributable to Becker’s oil-free pumps. These compact pumps are also extremely quiet in operation, another environmentally friendly aspect of these units. Innovative pump technology has made Becker a go-to partner for manufacturers of air analysis equipment as well as for the German Federal Environmental Ministry and Institute for Air and Water Pollution Control.

Technological advances in soil cleanup
Soil rehabilitation and clean-up work requires powerful and robust equipment that can handle the high levels of moisture and dirt in open environments. Dry running – oil-free, that is – units such as Becker pumps are able to operate continuously at a high level of precision even under extreme conditions. Manufacturers and operators of soil cleanup systems and Institutes for Air and Water Pollution Control are confident that they can fully rely on Becker products with their easy cleaning and maintenance features.

Becker Pumps are used in the Packaging industry.


Automated packing
Becker vacuum pumps and compressors are key components in the stamping, folding or cartoning processes of automated packing systems. From pill packaging in the pharmaceutical industry to pick ’n place applications in electronics manufacturing, to automatic conveyer systems in the confectionary sector: Intelligent controller systems ensure precise doses of vacuum and blast air. Global manufacturers of packing machines use Becker technology with confidence in applications requiring short cycle times and failure-free processes.

High speed. Maximum flexibility in handling a wide range of products and materials. There’s a revolution going on in today’s packaging lines. The goal is to achieve maximum productivity with failure-free processes - in other words, process automation that is both extremely fast and highly precise.

Drawing, pushing, lifting, compacting. Becker vacuum pumps and compressors are perfectly suited for these types of tasks: intelligent systems that are able to generate the right pressure and/or vacuum for any specific requirement, with quality you can rely on.

Innovative pumps and system solutions, including innovative oil-free vacuum systems as well as time-tested oil-lubricated pumps and compressors, are available in a wide range of product variants.

Industrial users can utilise the flexible Becker technologies for virtually all of their processes, from packaging machines to material flow applications in production to production lines to customized solutions.

Designers of packaging machines are regularly inspired by Becker innovations to develop yet more efficient systems.

At Becker, engineers have been investigating air for many decades in order to learn how to harness it for work processes and applications. It is their mastery of air that has put Becker at the cutting edge in developing and manufacturing revolutionary vacuum pumps and compressors.

Our expertise is your advantage – something that you can exploit every time you consult with us and implement Becker’s innovative pump components - with results and performance that you can rely on.

Requirements made on packaging machinery are extremely diverse. This is why Becker products are able to play a number of roles, ranging from "standard" chores in blister packaging machines in the pharmaceutical industry, "supporting" duty in filling and sealing applications for tubular bags but also "delicate" tasks such as handling electronic chips. Evacuate, fill, hold or convey: customers around the world trust Becker products for their automated packaging needs.

Vacuum packaging in food industry
The world-wide requirements for fresh food increase on a daily basis. Hence, manufacturers of food-grade packaging systems are required to implement appropriate technologies to ensure that these foods actually arrive on consumer tables while they are still fresh: whether it be vacuum packaged meats, sausages and cheese, fresh seafood packed in trays at a "modified atmosphere" or fruit and vegetables stored in a nitrogenous environment, product-dependent packaging processes ensure that fresh food is available anywhere in the world at any time. Becker vacuum pumps and compressors for oxygenous packaging processes – also BAM-certified* – allow you to realize food packaging systems with the shortest processing times and guaranteed freshness.

* Bundesanstalt für Materialprüfung (German Federal Institute for Materials Testing)

Modern packaging logistics for market-driven food products
In addition to standard demands such as freshness and long storage life, packaging and forwarding agents often require customized solutions. You can consider Becker’s engineers and representatives to be your partners who will gladly assist you in optimizing your air-driven packaging processes.

Becker’s intelligent vacuum pumps and compressors are extremely reliable and can be left in charge to control air supplies automatically. Becker also develops customized solutions for your packaging needs. These special solutions range from traditional vacuum packaging in table and chamber machines to advanced process gas supplies for tray packages and are available as oil-lubricated or oil-free rotary vane pumps.

Increasing competition on the global marketplace demands ever more efficient packaging lines. By implementing new packaging process technologies, you will reduce costs, increase productivity, secure existing markets and gain entrance to future ones. Throughout the industry, Becker’s many customers have learned to draw on their many years of expertise to assist them in implementing their goals.