Becker Compressors

Becker compressors come in oil-less rotary vane, screw, side channel, and radial varieties.

Photo showing a Becker DT 4.2 to DT 4.8 oil-less rotary vane compressor.

Rotary Vane, Oil-Less

Graphite vanes provide oil-less lubrication for smooth operation.

Photo of a Becker VADS 1500 dry screw compressor.

Rotary Dry Screw

Rotary dry screw compressors achieve oil-free, contact-free, non-wearing compression.

Photo of a Becker SV 200, 300, or 400 Series side channel vacuum pump or compressor.

Side Channel

Side channel blowers use multi-stage compression to generate low-pulsation blast air.

Photo showing a Becker VAU RV 1.3233/10-04 radial compressor with a Variair frequency inverter.


Radial blowers are for applications that require high displacement volumes and low pulsation.